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Go Mobile With Your Website!

By 2016, the global smartphone sector could control 40 per cent of the overall global mobile business – doubling in size and shipping 653 million units. GSMA estimates that mobile connected devices are expected to increase globally from six billion in 2012 to 12 billion by 2020.


Your business needs to be where your customers are. And, increasingly, they are on mobile devices. It therefore makes business sense to create a website that is accessible and friendly to read on a mobile device. Load times, readability and images often render differently on a smaller screen. If a website is less functional when viewed on a phone versus a regular PC or laptop, many mobile users will simply leave a site.


The most common difficulty with viewing standard web pages on a smartphone is in selecting, particularly tapping, small text links accurately. Fingers tend to be too thick to hit a small link accurately, and if there are two or more links close together then it’s easy to accidentally tap the wrong one. So what makes a website mobile-friendly? Such sites are purposely made for the small screen and aren’t just shrunken down versions of your regular website. They are quick, simple to navigate, easy to read, have large buttons, and prioritise key information. They are optimised to take advantage of the natural capabilities of mobile phones.

Features like click-to-call, maps, and location information are perfect for mobile, and are common best practices for mobile-friendly sites. These features help connect customers directly to your business and drive more calls and traffic to your business.

Helping Your Customers Reach You Faster!



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