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Recent studies on YouTube have shown an average of 71% of all Internet users are watching an average of 11 billion videos per month. Per month! Research by Borrell & Associates states that over 40% of consumers watch online videos in general at least once a week, and over 70% of all consumers watch videos online in general each month. This number has most likely increased since this study was conducted, proving that video is not a luxury in business anymore. It has become a staple of the online experience.

Does your company have video on it’s website? You might. However, over 83% of Internet users agree in these very same studies that videos for most companies are “just a step above a Power Point presentation”, that there is “nothing exciting nor informative about most business presentations”. Most companies are only doing what they’ve been doing for years within a different medium. This does not work for a tech-savvy public. We know what works.

Here at DMC Creative Solutions, we have tried and true visual techniques coupled with years of experience that will help bring your company’s message to life. We’ve got your back with full HD video and stylish motion graphics created with the top, state-of-the-art software on the market.


Bothwell Plank Product Video OTC 2009