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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has made no secret that his company uses video to convert views into shoppers, having famously said, “When we win a Golden Globe, it helps us sell more shoes.” Recent studies on YouTube have shown an average of 71% of all Internet users are watching an average of 11 billion videos per month. Per month! Research by Borrell & Associates states that over 40% of consumers watch online videos in general at least once a week, and over 70% of all consumers watch videos online in general each month. This number has most likely increased since this study was conducted, proving that video is not a luxury in business anymore. It has become a staple of the online experience.

Does your company have video on it’s website? You might. However, over 83% of Internet users agree in these very same studies that videos for most companies are “just a step above a Power Point presentation”, that there is “nothing exciting nor informative about most business presentations”. Most companies are only doing what they’ve been doing for years within a different medium. This does not work for a tech-savvy public. We know what works. We also shoot drone videos now.



Bothwell Plank Product Video OTC 2009