Our Services

  • Photography: photo shoots, scanning film, portraits, product photography, architecture photography and more
  • Website Design: Responsive Websites, Landing Pages, Banners
  • Video Production: Commercials, Promos & Demos, Feature films, Documentaries Using Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut Pro
  • Motion Graphics / Animation: we specialize in Adobe After Effects, Manga Studio 5 and Power Point
  • Graphic Design: logos, graphics, posters, brochures, catalogs, and more
  • Illustrations: storyboarding, sketches, digital art and hand-drawn art
  • Online Distribution & Marketing: helping to spread your content across the web
  • Mobile Websites: Placing Your Site on Smartphones and Tablets
  • Consulting: We help our customers with all of their visual needs
  • UI– short for user interface
  • Website Work: web coding, SEO and content creation


DMC Creative Solutions provides a wide range of services for all of our clients. It made be hard to believe that we actually do provide each of these services in house, but we do! From helping clients with trade shows, inventories, branding, websites, brochures and more, we are here to help you.


Fact: Facebook purchased Instagram when it became clear that millennials preferred sharing pictures instead of status updates on their Facebook profiles. As a creative generation, millennials value brands that allow them to express themselves in unique ways. Photo sharing is a way millennials can connect with others through creative expression.