Things to Do in New Orleans

A Balcony in New Orleans's French Quarter
A Balcony in New Orleans’s French Quarter

Hotel Monteleone

The French Quarter

old absinthe house

Napoleon House Bar & Café

Cafe du Monde

The Camilla Grill



R & O Pizza Place

The Spotted Cat Music Club

Preservation hall

What the heck is a Sno-ball anyway ?

Whenever I travel, and have people asking me about how to have a great New Orleans experience, I always tell them that they must try a unique dessert item called (and spelled) a sno-ball.

Here you can learn more about a sno-ball SNO-BALL Definition 

Sal’s Sno-Balls

Plum Street Snoballs


Central Grocery

Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World

Audubon park new orleans

Jackson Square

Pat O’ Brian’s

The French Market

Commander’s Palace

Sal’s Sno-Balls

Plum Street Snoballs


You will note that I have not included any cemeteries in this blog. The reason for this is because of the “fact” that these are dangerous places to visit, especially alone. Criminals recognize that people enjoy visiting these peaceful, beautiful places and prey upon victims here. Should you decide to go, please go in a large group, and always be careful of your surroundings! It may seem perfectly safe to go into a cemetery during the day time, but ask any New Orleans long time resident, and they will warn you about going there alone.


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