Something Unexpected….in Customer Service

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Far too often we hear from our customers about bad experiences in our field from other designers and multimedia companies. While we are familiar with these horror stories, we are continually surprised at how frequent these incidents occur. Our model at DMC Creative Solutions, is to provide the customer with high quality products and services that help their business to succeed. We have always strayed away from being vague about what to expect when contacting us to assist with customer’s needs. The reason we stress the word “assist” is because the process of doing multimedia work involves not only the designers and creators of the work, but also the clients involved. Whenever we are commissioned to do a project, we meet with our customers to listen to their needs, concerns and creative wants, in order to arrive at a mutually creative point where everyone agrees on a course of action and a decision on how that design should be created.


Because as time passes, and the internet continues to evolve so to will design. That is the reason that we express to customers that our work is always customized to fit their specific needs and desires. A good design should stand the test of time and be something more than just a beautiful work of art for the sake of art. The design needs to contain that special ability to grab an audience and motivate the client’s customer to want to learn more about the company. So a design that lacks a clear message is as useless as a fancy website that contains no pertinent information on that business. We work to create design that reaches people and at the same time produces quality work which hopefully will serve our clients for many years to come.


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