Learning to See

It’s About the Little Things….

Whenever we are asked by clients to take on an assignment or project we are asked for our visual expertise to help with planning a commercial, photoshoot, website or ad campaign we first attempt to ask if there is a particular concept in mind. Sometimes the client provides us with guidelines for these assignments and (most) of the time we are asked to create sketches. Each time we are given the creative freedom to do what we like, we roll our sleeves up and get busy customizing ideas that we tailor to that client’s particular needs. When we do this, we approach each assignment with “fresh eyes”, by this I mean we go into an assignment without checking to see what current trends are or what is in style. We tackle these assignments by listening to the customer and customizing the visuals to suit that specific project we are working on. Sometimes we do work that exclusively corporate in it’s presentation, and other times we choose to do work that is extremely unusual and distinct for that client’s needs. Those latter projects require taking chances and looking at the work with new eyes and that means that their customers will be exposed to a new look as well. Design is about exploring the new and approaching a project from a truly custom point of view. What we seek to do at DMC Creative Solutions is to design something that gets the results that the client wants, while making something that will stand the test of time and will not be restricted to fades or hipster designs. We should see life with our eyes wide open, so should we when choosing our designs.


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