About Dave & Phil

Background Information

Each year, our multimedia company utilizes new technology and techniques are adopted as well as making the company’s visual services bigger and better for clients. We shoot video in a wide range of formats, whether for a commercial, feature film or website, we are capable of meeting and surpassing our customers needs. We provide a wide range of services, from web, photography, video and more. We design anything under the sun and also working with existing materials to create a polished and professional product.

Principle Owners

David Matthew Collins: started his career in Photography and Digital Rendering, and has been progressing ever since. Through the years he has incorporated drawing, video and graphics into his repertoire. He started out exclusively as a still photographer and by 2009 branched into cinematography and graphic design. David works with the entire Adobe Creative Suite, Corel Painter and Final Cut Studio.

Philip Lee: began his career as a proficient musician and progressed into a digital technology and software specialist. His talents in directing a project are only surpassed in his abilities to render landing pages, edit videos and work heavily in graphic design. Working as a multimedia designer, he has the ability to absorb the information taken from the client and produce award winning projects. Phil dabbles in the entire Adobe Creative Suites and focuses on Adobe After Effects as well as Flash and Adobe Premiere Pro.


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